Health & Safety

Green Seas International Ltd identifies that safety and health of personnel and community is a core determinant in ensuring the success of any project. Hence, we have developed a Safety and Environmental Management Program (SEMP), which is primarily a documentation and awareness program based on guidelines provided in API RP 75. The focus is to provide a standard operating procedure and documentation in an effort to raise the awareness level of workers concerning safety and environmental issues related to the operation of onshore/offshore facilities.
The Management of Green Seas International Ltd, strongly believe that:
• Accidents and injuries are preventable.
• Each of us has a personal responsibility for our safety and the safety of others, both on and off the job.
• No business objective is so important that it will be pursued at the sacrifice of safety.
• Safe conduct is a condition of employment at Green Seas International.
• A job is well done only if it is done safely

Safety is a primary objective in our operations. Our superior performance is purely based on our strong belief in the implementation of a behavior based Safety Management System. The requirement for a safe working environment, which is part of the corporate culture of Green Seas International Ltd are; a strong Management commitment, a knowledge driven Supervisory staff, dedicated Safety officers and a well-trained quality and Safety oriented staff.
Green Seas International Ltd takes the following actions to achieve zero accident in its operations
• Safety indoctrination and training of all newly recruited staff and workers prior to commencement of work.
• Daily tool box meeting for workers.
• Weekly general safety meetings.
• Weekly site inspection.
•Investigate and follow up of all near misses and accidents.
• Monitor equipment preventive maintenance schedule.
• Monitor and ensure the company and client's safety rules and regulations.
• Provide all personnel with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and ensure that employees understand their usage.

Each employee of Green Seas International Ltd. has a personal goal of safty of each level of services in both field and shop projects. Green Seas International Ltd. is 100% compliant with the client's safety requirements. Safefty awareness is a priority on every job.